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As an experienced senior police officer and hostage negotiator I recognised the importance of being able to effectively 'influence' others as being a key element of leadership.  


These 'influencing skills' applied to diffusing and resolving crisis situations are transferable to wider workplace and social encounters. The starting place for gaining influence and therefore developing leadership is 'active listening' and this is the foundation of what I teach.

Effective leaders need to be able to make decisions that are defensible, auditable and accountable. I provide training that develops this practice and ensures actions taken are intrinsically linked to the threat/risks known at that time.

Dealing with conflict and crisis can be daunting and the secret to this is planning, practice and preparedness. I provide training, case studies and practical advice to ensure your business and its leaders are resilient to future challenges.




'Crisis skills for everyday use'

I bring 30 years of negotiating and crisis management experience to your organisation.

Providing bespoke training on:


1. Negotiating & Influence  

2.  Decision Making & problem solving 

3. Crisis management & Critical Incidents

These programs teach the leadership skills required to build trust and gain greater influence.

 They will improve organisational culture and develop resilience to deal with challenges ahead. 

If you are concerned about internal conflict, difficult conversations, contract negotiations, decision making or your ability to respond to challenges ahead then please get in touch.

Initial consultation is free and every session I deliver is tailored specifically to individual organisational needs.. 

The training is credible, engaging and proven to work.


contact me at:

Mob 07885678519 


MDClew Consulting has three core sessions but can develop any bespoke program to suit your own organisational needs. 


Introductory Presentation 

 Up to 2 hrs - Presentation designed for leadership 'away days' or conferences that will provide attendees with an introductory overview of the training I offer and what this is founded on. Will seek to challenge attendees to think about how they communicate, make decisions and plan for a crisis. Can be tailored to focus on any specific/relevant business needs.  


Negotiation Skills

One Day Teaching session 

Full or half day - Group of 10/15 given nature of group work. Promotes reflection and greater understanding of communication styles and their impact/effectiveness. Builds on this by explaining importance of 'influence' and how this can be achieved.  Teaches how to apply the 'stairway model' incrementally with real focus on developing 'active listening'. Uses interactive and group work to embed the learning. 


Decision Making & Crisis Management

One Day Teaching session 

Full or half day - Group of 10/15 given nature of group work/case studies.  Focusses on decision making and examines models and explains importance of auditable, defensible records of rationale. Then, builds on this by examining business readiness to deal with crisis/major incidents. Looks at some of the pitfalls and case studies and what practical steps can be put in place.  


Any initial advice or consultation is free of charge so please do get in touch. 


Based in North West England 

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