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I am a communication and crisis management consultant with more than 30 years of high level experience in law enforcement.


The skills and experience I gained and developed during my time in the police force have given me the ultimate foundation for the services I now offer the corporate sector. I have created a range of engaging and interactive sessions designed to help leaders to develop their skills around negotiating/influence, decision making and crisis management.


My leadership approach has been shaped by my hands-on experience of dealing with crisis and high risk situations during my time in policing, This has taught me the importance of developing plans in advance and having effective working relationships built on trust with a common goal.

During my career I spent over 20 years involved in crisis negotiating developing a breadth of skills, experience and credibility. I am now sharing this learning to better equip leaders and their organisations to become more inclusive, forward thinking and resilient to challenges ahead.


Within policing I achieved the rank of chief superintendent with the responsibility for neighbourhood, response and specialist policing across the county. I became an accredited multi agency major incident commander as well as an accomplished strategic firearms and public order lead and national assessor. 


Chances are that whatever the situation you need to deal with in whatever scenario, I’ve been there and will have a strategy to resolve it.

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