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Teaching professional - May 23 

“Practical with great ideas  - reflected on our listening and how to develop trust "
Hospitality Manager March 24
"Facilitator was excellent  - very knowledgeable & professional "

Jonathan Hemus

Insignia Crisis Management Session delivered June 23 "it was insightful, thought provoking, practical and entertaining in equal measure. We all enjoyed it very much"

NW Housing Sector CEO  - March 23

"Brilliant session learnt so much and really thought provoking ."
Housing Director Oct 23 

"He was absolutely brilliant. The room was captivated"

Safety Director March 24  "First class session that brought out lot of learning"

Housing Sector Feb 24 "Brilliant session with lots of learning"

Leadership Consultant  - May 23 

“Excellent feedback from Martins thought provoking workshop and pleasure to have him on board as an Associate.”

Contract Negotiating Feedback Sept 2023  

Really useful, practical and insightful!  Lots of good feedback already from other CEOS  - John Heritage

 I really enjoyed your session. I’ve certainly come away with a number of action points for follow up and it’s given me some food for thought in some of the areas where communication has been trickier - Claire Gleeson 



Over the last 12 months I have worked with and delivered sessions to:
Numerous Housing Authorities 
Several Local Authorities 
Major Sports Clubs
Music Venues 
Academic institutions
Engineering/Consulting Firms
Banking and Finance Sector 
Charity Sector 
Hotels and Leisure Clubs

Received excellent feedback and provide further information on request.


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