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MDClew Consulting offers a variety of sessions that can be tailored to suit organisations needs 
Negotiating and Influence 

Min 1 hr up to half day - Teaching session that encourages delegates to reflect on their own communications styles and how they gain influence over others.  Examines different leadership styles and the importance of building trust as a foundation for sustainable relations and long term success. The training is based on the 'Behavioural Stairway model' and how this can be learnt and applied for everyday encounters to deal with difficult situations and exert influence at all levels. Sessions will be tailored to focus on any specific/relevant business needs.

Decision Making 

Half Day - Group of 10/15 given nature of group work.  Examines the process of decision making and the pitfalls associated with it. Look at the impact of leadership styles and culture and how these affect the ability to make well informed, timely decisions at the right level. Provide input on models used by emergency services and how these can be tailored for business needs to provide a consistent framework to ensure accountable decision making at all levels. Use a number of business relevant scenarios to demonstrate the importance of values as a grounding for making the right decision.

 Crisis Management

Half or Full Day Session  - Group of 10/15 given nature of group work/case studies.  

Session covers the impact and learning from mis-handled crisis situations recognising challenges we are facing with social media and reputations being at stake. Focusses on the importance of having a clearly defined crisis/critical incident plan that is distinct from Business Continuity/Risk Register. These need to be clear, concise, easy to activate and understood by all key stakeholders. Sessions will involve a case study to test current plans and identify what needs to be done to improve resilience.  


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